Infertility Treatment

If regular unprotected sexual intercourse does not result in a successful pregnancy in the course of 12 months—6 months in the case of women aged > 35—pregnancy does not occur, contact us and schedule an appointment at the reproductive Clinic ReproART. Our obstetricians/gynecologists and fertility doctors will provide you with top-quality consultations.

ReproART’s qualified personnel meeting international standards, will assist you in having a precise diagnosis using our modern laboratory. Planning the strategy for treating infertile couples is carried out on an individual basis by analyzing and comparing clinical and laboratory tests.

In our experience spanning many years now, thousands of patients have achieved the desired result of having a healthy child in our facilities, using the most modern technologies and equipment for infertility treatment. ReproART assists them in achieving natural pregnancy. Even when their health conditions prevent them from natural conception, our clinic offers its patients assisted reproductive technology, including:

With the help of modern technology, the Georgian-American Reproductive Clinic ReproART successfully treats both male and female infertility.

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