The ReproART Georgian-American Center for Reproductive Medicine opened in July 2012. The clinic’s key directions include diagnosing and treating all types of infertility, including the advanced use of in vitro fertilization (IVF). ReproART operates in every area of female and male reproductive health.

ReproART was founded by Lika Chkonia who has the most extensive experience with in vitro fertilization in Georgia (30 years) and 8 years of working in IVF Clinics in US: Jones Institute for Reproductive Medicine, Norfolk, Virginia, USA and OFRM (Offices for Fertility and Reproductive Medicine NY, NY, USA).

David H. McCulloh (PhD/H.C.L.D./C.C), Assistant Laboratory Director at New York University’s Fertility Center, is Scientific Director at ReproART.  Dr. McCulloh, the author of numerous academic works, has been professionally involved in IVF since 1978 and with ReproART since its inception.

The first satellite office of ReproART opened in Kutaisi on February 1, 2014 to provide the many of the same services as in Tbilisi. This enabled patients in Western Georgia to save time and money. The Kutaisi branch offers treatment of infertility, male and female medical examination, preparation for in vitro fertilization (IVF), intrauterine insemination (IUI), gynecological services, laboratory diagnostics, hormone analysis, ultrasonography, and others.  For in vitro fertilization treatments, Kutaisi patients make only a brief visit ( 2- 3 days) to the Tbilisi or Batumi clinics.

The second satellite office, the Batumi ReproART Georgian-American Center for Reproductive Medicine opened on September 15, 2014, offering a full set of services. ReproART Batumi employs the same technologies as in Tbilisi, including a complete embryology lab offering IVF, ICSI and embryo biopsy, just like any leading center for reproductive medicine in the world.

Thanks to our knowledge, experience, ultramodern equipment and, most importantly, the center’s experienced team of top-notch professionals and our American colleagues, we offer you American quality and success without you leaving Georgia.

Board Of Directors

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    Lika Chkonia

    Founder, Director


    An embryologist with the most extensive IVF experience in Georgia…

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    David H. McCulloh PhD

    Director of Clinical Science


    Assistant Laboratory Director and Research Committee Chair at NYU…

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    Nino Okujava M.D.

    Founder, Deputy Director


    Studied practical medicine at the Tbilisi State Medical Institute…

ReproART Team 


Infertility is a treatable medical condition if the patient visits a reliable and competent clinic. The ReproART Georgian-American Center for Reproductive Medicine is staffed with specialists trained in some of the leading clinics of the world. Obstetricians/gynecologists, reproduction (fertility) specialists, embryologists, geneticists, andrologists, immunologists, and professionals in many other areas make up a team that has led to outstanding results in our clinic.

Our clinic carries out scientific and clinical studies in cooperation with our international partners. Our employees participate in various seminars, symposia, and congresses to present their latest scientific achievements and share experience with their colleagues worldwide. In 2013, 2014, and 2015, 2016 works by ReproART’s doctors were presented at such acclaimed conferences as the Congress of the European Society of Human reproduction and Embryology (ESHRE), the Congress of the American Society for Reproductive Medicine (ASRM), and the Congress of the International Society of Gynecological Endocrinology (ISGE).

Why ReproART? 

The ReproART team deserves a lot of credit for its involvement with the following list of “Firsts” for IVF treatment  in Georgia:

American Standards of Care 

ReproART’s work style is based on the American model. From the earliest steps taken by patients in our center, the highest standards are scrupulously observed by our retrained physicians and psychologists, and through treatment methods. Decisions at ReproART are made jointly by patients and doctors. Our center does not recognize questionable treatment courses or untried methods. Here one does not spend extra money or time, and this model is the very standard upheld by ReproART for over 6 years now. ReproART opted for home instead of the hospital to ensure the patient’s comfort, along with its schedule, admission methods, standards for interacting with doctors, and the environment in general, all of which serve the same goal. Doctors maintain continuous contact with patients throughout the entire period from In Vitro Fertilization and pregnancy to childbirth.

Our Equipment

The ReproART Center uses ultramodern equipment from European, American, and Japanese manufacturers.  Our diagnostic devices allow for all types of complex diagnostics testing necessary for gynecology and andrology patients and infertile couples. Our excellent results stemming from our vast experience, in the company of assisted reproductive technologies used by us, prove that professionalism at ReproART is perfected down to a fine art.

Reproart Branches

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  • 23 Sulkhan Tsintsadze Str.
    Tbilisi, 0160 Georgia
  • Tel.:+995 322 515 909

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  • 58 A. Tsereteli Str.
    Kutaisi, 4600 Georgia
  • Tel.: +995 591 907 907

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  • 159 V. Gorgasali Str.
    Batumi, 6000 Georgia
  • Tel: +995 595 441 144
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