Oocyte Freezing

About Oocyte Freezing


The oocyte freezing procedure has improved over several decades, with many children being born from eggs frozen during their mothers’ younger years and then thawed and used years later.

Reasons for Oocyte Freezing

  • For example, a single woman may plan to have a child at an advanced maternal age when her reproductive system will no longer be able to produce, any healthy eggs. Using eggs frozen when she is young, on the other hand, offers her an opportunity to have a biological child.
  • Even though a woman may maintain her regular menstrual cycle, her fertility diminishes with age.  Various studies confirm that slight changes occur in the female body after 27, and her reproductive abilities drastically diminish after 35.
  • There are several health-related reasons that call for egg freezing:
  • Oncology; (chemotherapy and/or radiation therapy may lead to sterility);
  • Severe endometriosis (endometriosis lesions may damage the ovaries);
  • Recurring ovarian cysts;
  • Any condition that may lead to premature ovarian failure;
  • Family history of early (premature) menopause.

Success with Cryopreserved Oocytes


Any of the reasons listed above is valid to visit ReproART to make sure your treatment is planned properly. We will coordinate your egg freezing with the physician treating you for oncology, endometriosis, and or ovarian cysts. It is wise to cryopreserve eggs prior to chemotherapy or radiation treatment in these cases, regardless of age.

The results (90% survival thawed oocyte and 60% of egg thaw procedures leading to pregnancy for woman freezing oocytes at a young age) give hope to every patient who, because of health or social conditions, are in need of egg freezing.


To plan consultations with ReproART Fertility Specialist, please set an appointment in advance or request more information.


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