Recurrent Miscarriage (habitual abortion)

Recurrent miscarriage (habitual abortion) is a severe and, in some cases, incurable condition that puts the patient through a lot of emotional stress. Estimates suggest that every fifth pregnancy may result in miscarriage. Recurrent miscarriage (habitual abortion), that is, fetal rejection syndrome, is triggered by complex causes associated with the following:

  • Anatomical conditions of the reproductive system
  • Endocrine/hormonal disorders
  • Coagulation disorders/thrombocyte aggregation disorders
  • Aneuploidy of embryos

Most of the syndromes listed above are treatable.

მორეციდივე (ჩვეული) აბორტი რეპროარტი Recurring miscarriage (habitual abortion)

For a long time, it was impossible to identify the reasons behind some type of recurrent miscarriage. The development of blastocyst (day 5 embryo) genetic studies has enabled us to treat infertility caused by recurrent miscarriage due to unidentified reasons.

It is known that an embryo with aneuploidy (abnormal number of chromosomes) causes spontaneous abortion. Embryo screening performed for Preimplantation Genetic Testing for Aneuploidy (PGT-A) enables us to select only 23 pairs of chromosomes for transplantation. The thawing and transplantation of healthy embryos doubles the chance of pregnancy and decreases the chance of miscarriage to as low as 5-10%.

Treatment of Recurrent Miscarriage at ReproART 


For the families unsuccessfully trying to conceive for years the Reproductive Clinic ReproART offers an opportunity to have healthy children.

Endocrine, chromosome, and coagulation-related disorders are especially common in women over 35, which is why we pay special attention to these disorders. The Reproductive Clinic ReproART offers diagnostics and relevant treatment for all of these problems.

To plan consultations with ReproART Fertility Specialist, please set an appointment in advance or request more information.

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